About Us

     A message from our chapter's President



My name is Kylie Lynch, and I am proud to say that I am the president of the Gamma Omicron chapter of Delta Zeta at San Diego State University. This position has allowed me to serve my chapter in a way that I cannot describe, and this chapter has given me more than I will ever comprehend.

Coming into college, one needs to find a ‘homebase’, and a support system to help you through the highs and lows in your new chapter of life. In 2016 when I was a freshman, never would I have seen myself as a president, let alone find a group of strong women empowering me along the way! I went into recruitment with an open mind, and a hope that I would find my place on this huge campus, I found so much more. Delta Zeta is a group of women who constantly make me feel that I should strive for more, and go beyond what I thought was possible for myself. They make me believe in myself, and have experienced life with me. They have cried with me through the lows, celebrated through the highs, pushed me when I wanted to limit myself, and ate lots of burritos with me along the way.


I am president because they believed in me, and still believe in me today. Delta Zeta has been a game changer in my college years, and a place I will call home for the rest of my life. These women have truly become my sisters, and inspire me daily.


While clicking through this website, I hope you too feel inspired and see how Delta Zeta is truly amazing.


DZ Love and Mine,

Kylie Lynch